Wyatt Smith – The value of work, from farm to C-suite

Episode 8 January 24, 2023 00:54:38
Wyatt Smith – The value of work, from farm to C-suite
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Wyatt Smith – The value of work, from farm to C-suite

Jan 24 2023 | 00:54:38


Show Notes

Wyatt is the founder and CEO of UpSmith, a technology company on a mission to combat America’s skilled worker crisis. Wyatt grew up on a farm in Alabama, where he learned to value and celebrate hard work. We trace Wyatt’s own hard work, and his appreciation of the trait in others, through the arc of his career leading up to his founding and leadership of UpSmith. 


Leave something for BTO community: Teaching as Leadership framework is a powerful approach to leading any organization: Set Big Goals; Invest Students and Their Families; Plan Purposefully; Execute Effectively; Continuously Increase Effectiveness; Work Relentlessly.


Ask something of BTO community: If you or a company you know is struggling to find and hire skilled workers, please reach out to Wyatt and the UpSmith at [email protected] .

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