Dan O’Reilly – Just Say Yes, With The Real Danny Noonan

Episode 10 March 28, 2023 01:02:56
Dan O’Reilly – Just Say Yes, With The Real Danny Noonan
Built to Outlast
Dan O’Reilly – Just Say Yes, With The Real Danny Noonan

Mar 28 2023 | 01:02:56


Show Notes

Dan is the Founder and President of DPO & Co, a consulting and investing firm focused on small to mid-sized private companies in the US.  Dan shares his journey from a large, tight-knit family in Chicago to the tight-knit familial team he has built at DPO and the wide range of jobs and geographies in between. We discuss how he learned from an early age as a caddy that a willingness to say yes and put in the effort can open up an exciting and vast world of opportunities. 


Leave something for the BTO community: “Life is too short, don’t work with jerks.”


Ask something of the BTO community: If you know of good people (e.g. not jerks) who might be a fit for DPO & Co, please reach out to Dan at [email protected]

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